1130 - Superintendent of Schools

Appointment: The Board shall appoint a District Superintendent of Schools who serves as the Board’s chief executive officer. The Superintendent’s appointment shall occur in an open meeting. Utah Code § 53G-4-301(1) (2018)

Compensation and benefits: The Board shall set the Superintendent’s compensation for services. Utah Code § 53G-4-301(3)(b) (2018)

Interim appointment: If it becomes necessary to appoint an interim superintendent due to a vacancy in the office of superintendent, then the Board shall make an appointment during a public meeting for an indefinite term not to exceed one year, which term shall end upon the appointment and qualification of a new superintendent.

However, an interim appointment shall be limited if it takes place during the time period between an election day where any new board member is elected and the date when the new board member or members takes office. (If all Board members who stood for election are re-elected, this limitation does not apply.) Under this limitation, the Board may only make an interim appointment, and that appointment shall expire as soon as the new board member takes office and a new superintendent is appointed by the newly constituted board. Utah Code § 53G-4-301(4), (7) (2018)

Qualifications: The Board shall appoint the Superintendent on the basis of outstanding professional qualifications. Utah Code § 53G-4-301(2) (2018)

Oath of office: The Superintendent shall take the constitutional oath of office. Utah Code § 53G-4-301(6) (2018) “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Utah, and that I will discharge the duties of my office with fidelity.” Article IV, Section X, Utah State Constitution

Responsibilities: The Superintendent shall be the educational leader and administrative manager of the District. The Superintendent position includes the following responsibilities:

1. Serves as the Board’s chief executive officer. Utah Code § 53G-4-301(1) (2018)

2. Hears employee, student, parent and community concerns in accordance with Board policies.

3. Sets an exemplary standard to promote educational excellence and works harmoniously with the Board to set educational goals and objectives that reflect the philosophy of the Board.

4. Reviews and evaluates all aspects of the District’s educational program, including facilities, and reports any areas of concern or potential problems.

5. Attends and participates in all meetings of the Board and its committees, except when his/her own employment or salary is under consideration.

6. Advises the Board on the need for new and/or revised policies and sees that all policies of the Board are implemented.

7. Prepares and submits to the Board recommendations relative to all matters requiring Board action, placing before the Board such necessary and helpful facts, information, and reports as needed to insure the making of informed decisions.

8. Coordinates the search and employment of the best-qualified and most competent teachers, supervisory and administrative personnel.

9. Assigns and transfers employees as the interest of the district may dictate and reports such action to the Board for information and record.

10. Reports to the Board the case of any employee whose service is unsatisfactory and recommends appropriate action.

11. Holds meetings of teachers, administrators and other employees as necessary for the discussion of matters concerning the improvement and welfare of the schools.

12. Administers and coordinates all grant applications related to approve programs within the district.

13. Directs the filing of all reports required by the state and school code.

14. Delegates to other employees of the District the exercise of powers or the discharge of duties.

15. Acts on own discretion if action is necessary in any matter not covered by Board policy, reports such action to the Board as soon as practicable and recommends policy in order to provide guidance in the future.

16. Keeps informed of modern educational thought and practices by advance study, by visiting school systems elsewhere, by attending educational conferences and by other appropriate means and keeps Board informed of trends in education.

17. Coordinates the total educational programs and provides leadership in its development and improvement.

18. Administers as chief school executive the development and maintenance of a positive educational program designed to meet the needs of the community.

19. Conducts an evaluation of the progress and need of the schools and keeps the public informed.

20. Directs the staff negotiations with professional and nonprofessional personnel.

21. Interprets for the staff all Board policies and all state laws relevant to education.

22. Represents the Board as liaison between the school district and the community.

23. Represents the district's dealings with other school systems, institutions, agencies, community organization, legislature, and the general public.

24. Directs overall financial planning of the district and the preparation of the annual budget and submits it to the Board for review and approval.

25.Serve as budget officer for the District. Utah Code § 53G-7-302(1)(a)(i) (2018)

Revised April 14, 2020

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