1125 - Superintendent Termination


The Superintendent may be terminated during the term of his or her contract of employment for good cause before the completion of the term fixed in the contract upon a vote of two-thirds of the Board (4).


Superintendent termination shall not be based on the Superintendent's exercise of rights guaranteed by the constitution, or based unlawfully on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, or age. Causes for the termination of the Superintendent may include but are not limited to:

  1. Deficiencies pointed out in evaluations, supplemental memoranda, or other communications; or
  2. Failure to fulfill duties or responsibilities, or
  3. Incompetency or inefficiency in the performance of required or assigned duties; or
  4. Insubordination or failure to comply with board directives, policies, or administrative regulations; or
  5. Neglect of duties; or
  6. Drunkenness or excessive use of alcoholic beverages; illegal use of drugs, hallucinogens, or other controlled substances, or the possession, use, or being under the influence of alcohol, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or controlled substances while on school property, acting within the scope of the Superintendent's duties, or attending any school or District-sponsored activity; or
  7. Conviction of a felony or any crime involving moral turpitude; or
  8. Failure to meet the District's standards of professional conduct; or
  9. Disability, not otherwise protected by law, that impairs performance of required duties; or
  10. Immorality, which is conduct the Board determines is not in conformity with the accepted moral standards of the community encompassed by the District; or
  11. Any activity, school-connected or otherwise, that, because of publicity given it or knowledge of it among students, faculty, or community, impairs or diminishes the Superintendent's effectiveness in the District; or
  12. Reasons specified in the individual employment contract reflecting special conditions of employment, or failure to maintain a valid supervisory certificate; or
  13. Failure to maintain an effective working relationship, or maintain good rapport with parents, the community, staff, or the Board; or
  14. Assault on an employee or student; or
  15. Falsification of records or other documents related to the District's activities; or
  16. Misrepresentation of facts to the Board or other District officials in the conduct of District business.

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