1123 - Procedure for Board Evaluation


The critical factor in board self evaluation is not the instrument or process a board uses, but the need to identify the specific criteria that spell success for a board. The board must state well in advance what it wants to achieve, otherwise there can be no basis for assessment. Without goals and mileposts against which to judge where a board has been and how far it has come, there can be no true evaluation.
Evaluation takes time, understanding and commitment. There must be trust between board members, good faith, sensitivity and respect for one another.


  • An evaluation should be constructive. It should be a tool that is both positive and helpful, assessing both the strengths and weaknesses of a board. It should provide a systematic process by which the members of a board can improve their performance.
  • Board Members should develop the standards against which they will evaluate themselves. They should be involved in developing the standards that measure their relationship with the Superintendent; how well they conduct board meetings; and how effectively they plan, make decisions, and set policies. Evaluation at the end of the year should be based on what the board planned to do at the beginning of the year.
  • Evaluation should be based on goals the board sets for itself, not on goals it sets for the entire school system.
  • The board should not limit itself to those items that appear on the evaluation form.
  • Formal evaluation should occur at least once a year at a scheduled time and place.
  • A composite picture of board strengths and weaknesses is best. Each board member should complete an evaluation form independently. Then the board as a whole should meet to compare and discuss results.
  • The board should be evaluated as a whole, not as individuals.

Revised 1/17/23

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