1007 - Parent & Family Engagement

Piute School District regards parental involvement vital to the academic success of students. Parents are the initial teachers of their children and serve as partners with the district in helping their children achieve academic success.

Piute School District will involve parents in the development of its district plan:

  • The district will invite parents from each Title I school to participate in the development of the district plan. Information, including academic data, State and Federal allocations, personnel, and instructional strategies will be given to parent representatives two weeks prior to the meeting for review.
  • Parents from participating Title I schools will review information, attend scheduled meetings and give input into the development of the district plan, school parent family compact, and involving parents of Title I schools on the Title I Plan and Preparing information.
  • The Piute District School Board will give final approval of the district plan.

Piute School District will involve parents in the process of school review and improvement:

  • Share the achievement data from all schools with parents.
  • Invite input from parents regarding LEA and school academic goals.
  • Discuss scientifically based research instructional practices.
  • Give direction in securing research-based curriculum materials that align with goals.

Piute School District will provide coordination and technical assistance to promote quality parental involvement activities to improve student achievement by:

  • Including parental involvement discussions in district leadership Title I meetings.
  • Providing training to school administrators and teachers on effective parent involvement strategies.
  • Assisting  parents in understanding Utah’s academic standards and assessments,
  • Developing understandable systems to report student achievement,
  • Providing schools resources for parent involvement in classrooms, activities and at conferences, and providing assistance for activities held at Title I schools.

Piute School District will build the school and parent capacity abilities for strong parental involvement by:

  • Providing bi-annual district leadership meetings on ways to involve parents,
  • Informing parents of their rights according to Title I law,
  • Requiring Title I schools to convene an annual parent meeting,
  • Developing communications systems for parents to access school information (school messenger, websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Providing an annual parent engagement seminar to build effective parental engagement strategies.
  • Allocating Title I funds to support staff in Title I schools.

Piute School District will coordinate parental involvement strategies with other programs:

  • Representatives from other programs (Special Education) will be encouraged to co-sponsor the annual parent involvement seminar with Title I.
  • District leaders who have responsibility for overseeing parental involvement activities will meet at least twice a year to discuss plans and coordinate efforts.

Piute School District will conduct an annual evaluation of the parental and family engagement policy improving academic quality and identifying barriers to parent participation by:

  • In the spring, local School Community Councils will give a Title I Parent Involvement Evaluation Form and asked to complete the evaluation and provide input on how the district might improve support for parental involvement.
  • SEP spring conference, parents will be encouraged to complete the parent involvement survey that will elicit feedback on current activities and request input for future efforts.
  • At the beginning of the new school year, the district will provide a summary of the parental involvement survey with its plans to address identified needs and recommendations.
  • Convening a Parent Advisory Committee to review and revise the Parent and Family Engagement Policy,
  • Facilitating the identification of barriers for family involvement by the committee, and
  • Distributing the committee’s findings to school administrators for review and/or action.

Piute School District will ensure that Title I schools are involving parents in a variety of school activities by:

  • Require each Title I school to submit an annual report of successful parent involvement activities.
  • In the annual training for administrators and teachers, the district will share identified successful parental involvement activities, and share their ideas with PTA Presidents and School-Community Councils.
  • Principals will annually report to the district how they used Title I funds to support effective parent involvement strategies.

Requiring schools to submit a school plan with a parent signature page:

  • Providing information to schools on effective ways to make school plans available to the public.
  • Providing translation services to Title I schools for school documents and parent conferences, and
  • Providing resources for schools to sponsor parent seminars, family nights, school events, etc.

Piute School District will address the concerns and complaints parents may have by:

  • Requesting that they first contact the school teacher and or administrator concerning the matter,
  • Providing parents an opportunity to take their concern/complaint to the District Title I director,
  • Providing parents the link to the Piute School District complaint policy/Utah State Board of Education Complaint Procedure site.

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