1006 - Code of Conduct

Represent the Board of Education with dignity and integrity.

Display ethical conduct and model it at all times.

Be at meetings on time and prepared.

Understand the issues.

Take the time to do your homework.

Help focus meetings on important matters, remembering that the student is always our most important matter.

Continually ask what is best for children.

Value the diverse opinions of others and resolve conflict amicably with civility and responsibility.

Every board member has something to offer.

Value each board member as someone with integrity and intelligence to serve honorably.

Be open and approachable on any issue.

Listen closely to others, being careful about interrupting and dominating discussions.

Listen to one another even if we disagree.

Have the courage to speak your perspective and then when the decision is made support the Board and Administration.

Be accountable for policies and decisions made by the board.

Support the Board and Staff once a decision is made.

Keep Confidences.

Value every voice in the educational community.

Avoid surprises – communicate your questions and concerns in advance so the Superintendent and Staff can be prepared.

Understand role as board member.

Understand differences in responsibilities.

Honor board processes.

Represent the needs of all students – as well as local interests – without partisanship.

What may be good for one area may not be good for the whole.

Leave personal agendas at the door.

Pursue accountability by appropriate evaluation and measurement.

Monitor results

Achieve Unity and Trust.

Show unity as a board.

Respect and include Superintendent and Business Administrator for input as part of the board.

Remember the effect the board has on the morale of the staff.

Show appreciation.

Have accurate information.

Have faith in the administrators.

Have safe atmosphere to express and ask questions.

Look at new things while understanding the importance of traditional things.

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