1003 - District Philosophy


The Board of Education of Piute County believes that all students have a right to quality educational opportunities, which will develop their potential as individuals and citizens of a democratic society. This education must be efficient, effective, conducted in a humane and disciplined environment, and accomplished at a cost in keeping with the best principles of fiscal management.

In pursuit of these ideals, the Board of Education of Piute County in as much as possible is committed to provide each student with the following opportunities:

  1. To master the basic intellectual skills of reading, writing, computation, speaking, and listening.
  2. To acquire the knowledge and habits of thought necessary to understand both our cultural and scientific heritage and the contemporary world.
  3. To foster individual attitudes and to develop skills and talents that will promote success in post-secondary education and in the world of work.
  4. To foster the development of creative abilities and cultural interests, which will promote the wise use of leisure time.
  5. To develop and promote those habits of good health and physical activity that is conducive to a long and productive life.
  6. To foster in each student a strong sense of self-respect and a commitment to respect and protect the rights of others.


The Board of Education recognizes that the mandate for equality in rights and opportunities cannot guarantee absolute equality of educational outcomes. Personal, social, and political factors that are beyond the school system's realm in influence and control all play their role in the molding of our students. Nevertheless, within these constraints, the Board of Education is committed to the achievement of excellence and to the furtherance of these goals.
In pursuit of these goals, the Board of Education will:

  1. Evaluate testing results of the state core curriculum and provide flexible methods for students who do not meet these requirements to achieve them.
  2. Conduct systematic reviews of school system policies, regulations, and operations to insure that they are congruent with changing needs and requirements.
  3. Work diligently for the introduction, passage, and enforcement of legislation intended to maintain and improve the quality of education.
  4. Strive to increase public awareness of the functions, needs, and aspirations of the school system by utilizing clear and effective means of communication.
  5. Strive to increase public participation in school affairs in order to extend and amplify the strengths present in the school system. Effective utilization of citizen volunteers is an important element in the achievement of excellence. Provide adequate staff, facilities, and materials to meet educational goals.


Having become informed of current knowledge of the best educational practices, Piute School District has the following fundamental beliefs:


A teacher is committed to:

  1. Creating a sense of excellence and professionalism, consistently growing and developing in areas of professional expertise.
  2. Providing a positive environment, utilizing relevant materials and incorporating the best-researched methods so that each can learn objectives and build self-esteem.
  3. Working with peers in setting and implementing objectives and in sharing talent and knowledge for the benefit of students and the district.
  4. Communicating school concerns with parents and faculty in a professional and constructive manner.


  1. Self-esteem as a learner and person.
  2. Thinking skills
  3. Self-directed learner
  4. Concern for others
  5. Process skills: problem solving, decision-making, communication, accountability, group processes

We believe that learning is enhanced for students when the teacher intentionally follows a structured instructional process.


  1. Planning
  2. Pre-entry assessment
  3. Cue set
  4. "Best Shot" teaching
  5. Guided practice
  6. Independent practice
  7. Formative assessment
  8. Correctives/Extensions
  9. Closure

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