A motivational and informational morning message from Superintendent Willis

Week 1 ~ August 14th, 2023

Super Monday Message

Welcome back! I hope you had the absolute best summer. A quick true story made popular by Stephan Covey…..

“It was a dark and stormy night.

Crewmember: “Captain, Captain, wake up.”

Captain: “Well?”

Crewmember: “Sorry to wake you, sir, but we have a serious problem.”

Captain: “Well what is it?”

Crewmember: “There’s a ship in our sea lane about twenty miles away, and they refuse to move.” Captain: “What do you mean they refuse to move? Just tell them to move.”

Crewmember: “Sir, we have told them; they will not move.”

Captain: “I’ll tell them.”

The signal goes out: “Move starboard 20 degrees.”

The signal returns: “Move starboard yourself 20 degrees.”

Captain: “I can’t believe this. Well, I mean I’m a captain. Let them know who I am. I’m important.” Signal goes out: “This is Captain Horatio Hornblower XXVI, commanding you to move starboard 20 degrees at once.”

Signal returns: “This is Seaman Carl Jones II, commanding you to move starboard 20 degrees at once.”

Captain: “What arrogance? I mean, what presumption? Here is a seaman commanding me, a captain.

We could just blow them right out of the water. We could just let them know who we are. Signal: “This is the Mighty Missouri, flag ship of the 7th fleet.”

The signal returns: “This is the lighthouse.”

Stephan Covey, author of “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” used this story to teach that life has “lighthouse principles”. These are principles you can not break, you can only break yourself against them. Some might think these principles are moral values, but Covey explained that values govern our behavior, while principles govern the consequences of our behavior. We use these governing principles to determine our values. 

As we start another school year, let’s refocus on our lighthouse principles. We can accomplish so much together. We’re so excited to have students back in our schools and cant’ wait to work together. Have a SUPER Monday!


Super High Fives

Just a few of the awesome recent accomplishments that need a big thank you. 

  • Super high five to the PHS Class of 1973. While on a tour of the new high school during their 50 year reunion they heartily sang the school song. We love to see that kind of school pride and we thank them for representing us well in their communities.
  • A super high five to Mr. Tyrel Ivie and Mrs. Priscilla Morgan for accepting the challenge to bring back a school musical to Piute High School. We are SUPER excited to have that course on the schedule again.
  • The biggest of super high fives to all the students, teachers, parents, and staff that represented Piute schools in community events this summer. At parades and socials it’s always fun to see the Piute blue and see the schools represented well.

Super Weekly Schedule


Monday        Aug. 14th

Tuesday      Aug. 15th

Wednesday Aug. 16th

Thursday      Aug. 17th

Friday           Aug. 18th

Saturday      Aug. 19th


No School

“A/B” Day

“A” Day

“B” Day

No School

No School


Teacher PD Day

7th Grade Orientation



Half Day


Teacher PD Day


🏐 Volleyball


Beaver @ Piute


⚾ Baseball


Bryce Valley @ Piute


Wayne @ Piute


👟Cross Country 

No meets this week

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