The UPSTART i3 program is meant to prepare children in Utah’s rural areas for kindergarten and to close the achievement gap for high-­‐need students by using highly individualized, technology-­‐delivered UPSTART curriculum to prepare children for school and counteract the “summer slump” to ensure sustained literacy gains.  

The role of the UPSTART i3 District Liaison is to work in concert with the Waterford Institute and the District to expand the breadth of UPSTART’s home-­‐based approach by introducing the program to more children throughout 18 of Utah’s rural school districts.  Children will use the program the year before they enter kindergarten and during summers following kindergarten, first grade, and second grade in accordance with prescribed program-­‐related usage guidelines. The position’s reporting line is determined by the District.


To assist, support, and work closely with the school district, program provider (Waterford Institute), and parents/caregivers in providing the UPSTART program to children the year before entering kindergarten and the summers following kindergarten, first and second grade.


1.   Represent the UPSTART program within the District and community. 
2.   Recruit and identify UPSTART i3 participants and control group participants through outreach activities in the district and community such as interacting with elementary schools within the district, posting on community bulletins, and visiting government agencies and child-­‐ centric places, community organizations, religious groups, etc. 
3.   Responsible for identifying and pre-­‐registering 70% of district children by May 2014 who will be 
entering Kindergarten in 2015. 
4.   Participate in training activities provided by Waterford. 
5.   Assist in implementing the UPSTART program within the district by attending training, helping administer the Waterford Assessments of Core Skills™ to participating children, and assisting the external evaluator as requested. 
6.   Develop and implement a District-­‐approved plan for transitioning children successfully into 
7.   Establish rapport with parents/caretakers and be available to assist Waterford’s User Support 
staff regarding the UPTART program. 
8.   Provide follow up with families on an as needed basis to ensure weekly usage expectations are met. The UPSTART i3 program will require participants to adhere to and maintain a minimum usage of 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week. The Liaison will receive usage reporting from the Waterford Institute and will be asked to follow up with families who are not meeting the program requirements due to motivational or technical issues.  
9.   Assist with UPSTART “graduations” and final pre-­‐K year testing. 
10. Notify parents at the end of each school year that the program will resume during the summer between the school years of kindergarten through second grade.
11. Coordinate with the District to provide data for the program such as SSIDs, DIBELS scores, etc., as agreed upon with the District, Waterford, and the external evaluator.


The District has final determination over the qualifications identified for the UPSTART i3 District Liaison position.  It is recommended that the ideal candidate be outgoing, organized, reliable, love children, and be passionate about early literacy.  S/he will need to have knowledge of the District’s communities and be able to establish rapport and mutual respect with the parents and caregivers of children in those communities.  The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills and be able to report back and forth between the District and Waterford.  The job will require travel within the district, so reliable transportation is a must.