1. Students will be enrolled at Piute High School their full junior and senior years. (Enrolled full time at Piute High means: Students are instructed by a Piute High Teacher and or are taking concurrent enrollment classes through a contracted College with Piute School District).
  2. Students must fulfill all graduation requirements as set by the Piute County School District Board of Education.
  3. Top scoring candidates must show acceptable citizenship and behavior as determined by a majority vote of faculty members.
  4. Selection will be made at the end of 3rd quarter of the senior year.
  5. Once the above criteria is satisfied, selection of the valedictorian and the salutatorian will be based on the following:
    1. College Index – Weighted GPA
    2. ACT score averaged

  • This new requirement will be effective with the class of 2015

In case of a tie, the faculty will determine winner by a majority vote.


Adopted October 11, 2016

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