Students may attend a school outside the attendance area in which they reside provided the parent reads and signs the “Utah State Board of Education Standard Open Enrollment Form” by the required date, and if pupil/teacher ratios in the school to which the transfer is requested do not exceed a ratio of 24 to 1 in grades K­3 and 28 to 1 in grades 4-12.

Exceptions to the pupil/teacher ratio standard may be made where the academic, social, and emotional welfare of the student is in question. Such exceptions must be approved by the principals of the schools involved and the superintendent or his designee.

Students must provide their own transportation to attend a school outside their attendance area.

Students whose legal guardian and/or residence is outside the boundaries of Piute School District may attend school in Piute School District upon completion and approval of the "Application for Student to Attend School in Nonresident District."

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