4111 - NCLB Bus Policy

(Approved February 14, 2006)


Piute School District feels the No Child Left Behind federal law, unreasonably, expects the same results for all children on the same time line, which will culminate in 100 percent of school children being proficient in reading and math, including students with handicaps and non-English speakers, by 2014.  While we work to alter the law and to seek full approval of Utah’s own growth-based accountability system in the place of the federal Adequate Yearly Progress plan we must operate under current NCLB rules.

One of the rules requires school districts to allow any student, who desires, to attend another school district and to pay the transportation costs. This rule comes into play if the students in the special education program do not learn as quickly as the students in the regular education program for two consecutive years.  The following policy statements will guide such a rule.


  1. Up to two school busses will be provided when there are forty (20 for each bus) or more students desiring to ride the bus to another school district.
  2. Each bus will leave at 6:45 AM in order to arrive at the neighboring school district in time for school breakfast.  One bus will travel to Sevier School District and the other bus will travel to Garfield School District.
  3. Students who live in the Circleville Elementary boundaries will travel south and students who live within the Oscarson Elementary boundaries will travel north.
  4. Elementary students who live more than 1.5 miles from the bus departure location will be paid the federal non-business rate for the miles from home to school and the miles from school to home each day the trip is made (one round trip).  Secondary students who live more than two miles from the bus departure location will follow the same procedure.  A family with two or more students in this program will qualify for payment of one round trip per day of attendance.  The federal non-business rate of reimbursement is currently 14 cents per mile.
  5. In the event there are not twenty or more students for either bus, car-pooling may be organized, and the driver of each automobile will be paid the federal non-business rate for one round trip each day of school attendance.
  6. Payment will be made each quarter when requested on a Piute Request For Payment form.
  7. The following timeline will allow for the planning and budgeting for this bussing program.  Letters will be sent home to patrons by February 20 announcing this program.  In order to be considered for transportation reimbursement, students must be enrolled by March 31.

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