Piute County School District,

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In some states it’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and in some it’s also Human Rights Day. Dr. King’s dream, related in his famous Washington speech, described a world where people trusted each other. Dr. King was so beloved because he was trusted. People trusted he would deliver on his promises. They trusted he would make his dream a reality. They trusted that he had the skills to convince people to change.

At the Utah School Boards Association conference earlier this month the opening speaker said that the biggest expense a school district pays is trust. His name was David Horsager. He spent a significant amount of time researching trust. He wanted to know how the best leaders, like Martin Luther King Jr., generated so much trust. His findings are very in line with the Simon Sinek Ted Talk I shared a couple years ago about safety. I know your time is very valuable, but I think you would enjoy these 8 minutes about the 8 pillars of trust by David Horsager.

Thank you for being such trustworthy people. I also want to say again how grateful I am for how well you handle all the chaos COVID and other illnesses bring to a school. The guidelines have frequently been confusing at best, and have changed too rapidly to establish any real confidence in the system. Despite many student absences and having to endure illnesses yourselves, you have been patiently trying to keep our students moving in their education. Over the last two years every board meeting has started with reports from classrooms, clubs, sports, and district programs. Your reports are always the highlight of the meeting. Thank you!

Happy MLK Day and have a great week 22,

Koby Week 22 MLK Trust

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