Piute County School District,

Last Tuesday I watched a 7 minute video about the Savannah Bananas and I've had a hard time thinking about anything else ever since. I have already shown the video to many of you. If you can spare 7 minutes, I think it will be worth your time. It’s the story of a young baseball team general manager making a baseball field the center of the community, by making it fun.

I don’t think any type of elaborate scientific study is needed to conclude that students perform better at school when they are having fun learning. You already know this and you already implement this well into your classrooms. Last week we reviewed the results of the school surveys conducted in the spring. The Kindergarten through 2nd Graders were asked, “Are people at school happy to see you?” and 100% of our students said “Yes.” That age group was also asked if they had friends at school and 100% again said “Yes.” They were asked if they enjoyed coming to school and all but one said “Yes.”

We have lots of evidence that participation in extracurricular activities and “fun” events improve academic performance. Making those events and activities more inclusive and more fun can increase participation and in turn increase academic performance. In addition to simple fun, we also need a depth of more symbolic and more meaningful traditions and rituals that enhance and enrich our community culture. 

Having a 65+ year old dance group or a baby in a T-Bird suit to start every event might be just what we need. Everyone needs fun. Thanks for making school fun. 

Have fun in Week 7,



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