Mission Statement:

The Circleville Elementary faculty, staff, and community believe that all students can and will learn. To ensure that all students will reach their potential, we will maintain high expectations and will promote excellence for all students.

We will create and support a school environment, in which all students and adults feel welcome, respected, trusted, and valued as individuals.
We will create a safe environment where we can all learn together and support each other.

We will foster a positive school climate and a caring community that represents and values diversity and nurtures everyone's self-esteem.

  • Increase instructional expectations and promote high quality classroom instruction based on assessment/data of student progress

1- Create standard based scope and sequence in math, science, and language arts K-6

2- Implement illuminate to track student progress through the core Standards.

  • Engage parents to promote high expectations in: academics, values, morals, and service in a supportive home environment that results in positive student learning.

1-    Share core standards and expectations

2-    Promote service through school activities and Liberty kids

3-    Character development

  • Promote a positive school climate

1-    Providing outside instruction through guest presenters

2-    Provide meaningful fieldtrips that align with core standards

3-    Foster and maintain an environment were all students feel loved, cared for, and safe

  • Provide a safe learning environment

1-    Continuing to incorporate all safety drills

2-    Provide training and a copy of school procedures to all employees, substitutes, and volunteers

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