Piute County School District,

The Track Coach position is still open and you are all invited to consider the assignment. With winter sports not finished it seems early to be discussing spring sports, but strength and conditioning mornings have already started for softball. 

Over the centuries humans have invented some complex games and sports. Track and field seems to still be the most basic measure of human athleticism. Despite the simplicity of track and field events, those at the top of the sport have made a very technical science of it. The high jump event was completely revolutionized in 1968 when Dick Fosbury flopped. As a civil engineering student Dick realized that there was a way to go over the high jump bar and keep his body's center of gravity below the bar. His new jumping technique was criticized and written off at first, but today it’s the only method used in the sport. The technique included arching the back over the bar rather than jumping forward over the bar. His technique was named the “Fosbury Flop.”

Teaching is one of the oldest of human endeavours with basic principles and very complex applications. As a group of experts we make it a more technical science every year. While high jump techniques might only change every 50 years or so, teaching has evolved much faster. Our science was revolutionized this year. We won't do things quite the same again. Once Dick proved his method there was no looking back. I appreciate your efforts to seek out the best tools and techniques for providing the best education system we can.

High jump Week 22,


Here’s the youtube story of the Fosbury Flop…


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