Piute County School District,

Hope Thanksgiving was great for everyone! It’s now officially socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music!!! Some people like to listen to it all year round, but sometimes friends and family don’t think that is appropriate. I think not listening to holiday music all year makes it sound even more fun and inspirational when we do start listening.

Music is a powerful way to appeal to your own emotions. If you have already convinced your mind you need to do something, but your heart isn’t in it, you need music. You might wake up at 5:00 AM and your mind says “It would be good for you to exercise right now,” but your body says “Today is a good day to sleep as long as possible.” Music can help inspire the part of your body your mind can’t convince. Feet tap and heads bob to music without conscious thought.

Music also allows your mind to think deeper. Some of my greatest thoughts and ideas have come while listening to music. The words “Seize The Day” on their own are powerful, but to music it’s difficult not to feel something. So, take about 1 minute and 55 seconds to listen.

I’m hoping we can get some people to hit “reply all” to this week’s Monday Motivation. You need a good list of songs to get excited or inspired for work each day. Hit “reply all” and reply with a song title or two that inspires you. The string of emails will be a Piute County School District Inspiration Playlist. 

Here’s a few of mine….

Seize The Day - Newsies Musical (Monday commute) (Entire soundtrack is awesome!!!)

Hearts On Fire - Rocky IV (Getting ready to do something awesome)

I Can Go The Distance  - Hercules (During goal setting or when reasserting focus to goals)

Humble And Kind - Tim McGraw (For more thoughtful less energizing inspiration)

I’m excited to hear what music inspires you. Keep having fun and thank you for making school fun.

Good luck in Week 15,


If you need a little extra Monday Motivation read the lyrics of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” and think about what the music adds to the words and the words add to the music.


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