Piute County School District,

It’s Turkey Week! This time of year we frequently are encouraged to give thanks. You might have annual traditions that include expressing thanks. You might make a gratitude list or keep a gratitude journal. Before feasting on the bird of the month you might pause to offer a prayer of thanksgiving. Your gratitude might even spill over into the desire to do service for someone else. Not just verbally expressing gratitude but also showing it.

These exercises may feel like just a fun tradition and a natural part of this time of year, but there is scientific evidence that expressing gratitude and serving others is good for your health. Studies have linked frequently expressing gratitude to happier lives and healthier habits. It seems self-evident that those who receive gratitude have higher self-esteem and more motivation.

Gratitude to students can be one of our most powerful tools in education. Gratitude expressed to students that exemplify positive behaviors and actions naturally enforces more of those behaviors and actions. Making sure our students know they are appreciated in their efforts to support our efforts helps us maintain the positive student culture we’ve enjoyed for many years.

Thank you for the little things you do to make our schools better. Thanks for exemplifying gratitude for our students and thanks for patiently helping us navigate this unusual school year.

Wishing you a warm, safe, and enjoyable Thanksgiving on Week 14,


I feel like you should all watch this one more time (Or five more times, or as many times as necessary)

Week 14 Gratitude

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