Piute County School District,

Last week of school! Big thank you to our retirees Terecea Westwood, Jim Payton, and Terry Higgins. Thank you for all you have done for our students. There are lots of exciting activities planned for the last week of school. It should be a really fun and memorable week. The state mask mandate for K-12 for Piute County School District is officially over today.

We have a lot more summer school planned for this summer than normal, but there is always a concern that students will forget everything they’ve been taught over such a long break. The hope is that they will continue to read, ask questions, and learn through the break. Looking for opportunities to learn new things every day is a trait called curiosity. I thoroughly enjoy reading Curious George books with my kids.

You learn quickly that George is no ordinary monkey. In just the first three books written between 1941 and 1952 George escapes a cage, builds paper boats, rides a bike backwards and on one wheel, rides on top of a bus, escapes prison, washes restaurant dishes, takes a job as a window washer, delivers newspapers, and performs in a circus. He also gets in lots of trouble smoking a pipe, jumping off a boat, calling the fire department, stealing a red balloon, painting an apartment like a jungle, and breaking his leg. When the third book describes how George builds paper boats, it is a level of origami I have not reached yet.

When George learns lessons the quote comes up “George promised to be good. But it is easy for little monkeys to forget.” Our students are very bright and have great potential, but sometimes they forget. Thank you for being so patient this year with our students. Spring 2020 really put our students behind and every class has had to adapt to students that are behind where they typically would be. Thank you for your efforts to make the best of the circumstances we experienced. 

We look forward to a great couple months of summer school and an amazing school year next year. We have an awesome Opening Institute planned on August 16th with the State Superintendent and The Piano Guys star Jon Schmidt as the headliners. Wayne County School District and Tintic School District will be joining us for the whole day. Thanks for a great school year. I consider you all friends and I enjoy working with you.

Stay curious this summer and finish strong in Week 39,



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