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It’s hard to believe how close to the end of this very unique school year we are. We are even starting to discuss graduation plans. I graduated from Piute High School 15 years ago. I have forgotten many of the details of the event but I remember one parable that was told by our valedictorian Ty Cannon. I have attempted many times to find a copy of the parable online, as I remember it, but it seems there are a lot of different versions of the parable. I’ll attempt to tell the parable in a way that conveys the meaning as I remember it.

The Fisherman & The Businessman

A wealthy businessman sat on a beach taking a short break while on a business trip. He noticed a fisherman not far offshore pulling in fish. Intrigued, the businessman waited for the fisherman to come to shore and asked him, “how long do you spend fishing each day.” The fisherman replied that he did not fish long. Excited the businessman asked him, “what do you do with the rest of your day.” The fisherman replied that he awoke early each day and caught the fish he needed to feed his family or meet his other needs, he then went home to play with his kids, spent time with his wife, and in the evening he played guitar with his friends.

Seeing a teaching opportunity the businessman said, “you need to fish as long as you can and catch as many fish as you can.” The fisherman nodded and asked, “what would I do with the extra fish.” The businessman explained that he could sell the fish and save money for a bigger boat. The fisherman then asked, “why do I need a bigger boat.” The businessman laughed and said, “so you can catch more fish. When you catch more fish with the bigger boat you can buy a second boat.” The fisherman replied, “why do I need a second boat.” Still amused, the businessman said, “so you can expand your business of course. with enough boats you could build your own processing plant and sell your fish around the world. There would be no limit to the profits you could make.” Still confused the fisherman said, “but what would I do then.” Now somewhat exasperated the businessman said “why, with a global fishing business you could do whatever you want, you could play with your kids, spend time with your wife, or play the guitar with your friends.” To this the fisherman laughed, put his hand on the shoulder of the businessman, and said “be careful where you are going my friend, you might already be there.”

I’ve pondered about this parable many times. Too often, we work towards objectives we have already achieved. It’s important to keep our goals in perspective. We can pursue our dreams and enjoy where we are now. Thank you for helping our students understand the need to work towards future goals while also living fully in the wonderful present. 

Live, laugh, and love in Week 33,


A link to a similar telling of the parable.

Week 33 Fisherman Parable 

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