2067 - Teachers to Become Credentialed/Qualified

Administrators and hiring committees will make every effort to hire teachers who are highly qualified; however, when this cannot be done, the following process will be initiated:

Credential Routes:

Administrators have several options when facilitating Highly Qualified or Credential Alignment for teachers depending on the needs of the school and existing skills of a teacher being hired.


  1. Administrators may place a teacher on an Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL) program.

  2. Administrators can work with teacher through the Academic Pathway to Teaching (APT) program.

  3. Administrators can help a teacher connect with a State Approved Educational Plan (SAEP)


When hiring teachers who may not meet highly qualified status, it will be the primary funding responsibility of the teacher to become highly qualified. The teacher, once hired, will be required to meet the ARL, APT, and or SAEP in a reasonable timeframe depending on the qualifications needed. It is also the obligation of the Superintendent/Principal/or designee to help monitor the ARL, APT and SAEP progress.


Existing teachers in PCSD to become credentialed in an area of need:

When the district requests an existing teacher to be credentialed in an area of need, the board authorizes the administration to use discretion in the funding process for the teacher to meet credentials.  

Adopted October 11, 2016



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