Superintendent Letter

August 4, 2016

Patrons and Parents,

As we look forward to another year in education, I thought I might give you a few updates pertaining to our school district. Our academic content teams (PLCs) meet regularly to discuss how to improve student learning. I am confident these teams will continue to find innovative ways to enhance student learning and success. As a school district we have set priority goals to improve the education and success of our students. These goals include, cutting edge technology evolution, promoting a positive district climate, improved instruction through data outcomes, effective communication with stakeholders, productive teacher professional development, college career readiness and maintaining safe schools.


Our end of level tests shows we made progress overall as a district in the areas of math and literacy. Looking at our Dibel scores, which identify student growth, demonstrate progress and success in our elementary schools. Please see our website in regards to test results.

This year we will be following a new transportation protocol dealing with student travel that will require parent written consent for students to be signed off a bus at events. This process will be spelled out in a transportation policy 9008 you may review online.

Three new teachers will be joining us in Piute District this year. Steffani Semadeni, who will be taking the lead in our district music program as well as helping with the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Art program. Steffani received her education from Snow College as well as Weber State. She has a strong resume in music and as stated by her college professor “she is an exceptional musician”. Steffani is single and loves horses. We also welcome Kenneth Druce, who will be teaching P.E. and Health as well as assisting in coaching the girls basketball team. Kenneth received his education from Utah State University, and Grand Canyon University. Kenneth is married with three children. Morgan Hoyt will also join us. He has a BS degree in AG Science and is moving to Kingston with his wife and new daughter.

As we look to the future of education, it is imperative that we as educators as well as parents and patrons promote college career readiness to the youth in our schools and communities. Lets us also remember, that education involves more than classrooms and textbooks, as Aristotle stated, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” Piute County School District philosophy is to educate the whole child.


Shane Erickson

Superintendent of Schools

Piute County School District